Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sum sum summa time!

Yeah summer! I know i've been a total lagger with this but it's my goal to update more frequently. It's been a busy couple months but good ones! Besides David's 5+ appts a week, we've been spending a lot of our time outdoors with play dates, beach, pedal boating, birthday parties, parks, and too many taco nights out to count! But one of my most favorite moments was being present at the birth of my newest nephew, Gabe. He's already got Aunt Suzy wrapped around that tiny finger. Here's a couple random pictures this month to catch you up (grandma). :)

Out on our pedal boat in Newport Beach harbor..not much sleep here but still truckin!
against the docks are tons of star fish...and this was one of the small ones!

tons of seals too!

David loves it at the beach!
found the foot..
and in it goes.
this is where Jason is happiest... ocean and family.

David is cracking up at absolutely nothing.
day at the park with friends
the thursday mamas group. these are the most AMAZING women whom i love so much! (missing Jenn & Taylor)
my newest obsession..Gabe.
my beautiful sister and family