Saturday, December 3, 2011

Welcome Coral Love!

Being that Jason lives, breaths and dreams the ocean, he chose the name Coral for our daughter. When I told him that I wanted a name that had meaning, he reminded me what they told us when we were snorkeling a couple years back in Belize...that the coral reef is what brings life to the ocean, without it, sea life could not live. Her middle name Love, was chosen simply because of the meaning. Especially lately, I have been overwhelmed with the unconditional, undeserved love that my God has for me. Plus, I love more than anything in the world that LOVE is His first commandment. How perfect would the world be if everyone lived by that?!

Here's a couple pictures of our sweet Coral finally saying hello to the world. Happy Birthday little lady. Mommy and daddy sure love you.

Being that Coral had a little bit of fluid for in her lungs, she spent the first 36 hours in the NICU.

At least i got to hold her for a couple minutes. It was super hard going back to my room without her.

I fell asleep.

But after a bit, she was back in the room with us! I wouldn't put her down.

She already has Jason wrapped around that tiny finger...again and again and again.

The view from the hospital room. When Jason wasn't starring at Coral through the camera lens, he was zooming in looking for waves...of course.

Coral's first visitor was her aunt Katy

Grandpa and Grandma

Uncle Tim and Aunt Sandy (my sister who shouldn't be out of the house being that she's in the middle of chemo treatments and is risking herself getting very sick, said she wouldn't miss visiting her little niece. love her.)

my dear friend, Jenn

Our friends and favorite chiropractor, Todd and Elizabeth.

Coral getting her first chiropractic adjustment. She actually wouldn't nurse for me at all until Todd adjusted her and voila...nursing pro immediately after.

One of my very best friend's Kelly and her hubby Johnny

Another dear friend, Kelly Evans

and my old close friend, Teri

Jason and I get pretty antsy having to stay in one spot for too long

This is me and Coral about to walk into our home for the first time together. I love this because my mom has the exact same picture of her and I coming home from the hospital.

David's very first time meeting his little sister. He was only interested for a minute. :)

Even though I was only a couple day's out of surgery, I was excited to go get our family's first Christmas tree together!

I hardly notice the pain i'm in when i'm with these 3 beautiful people.

My little brother was experimenting with our new camera...this pretty much sums up our perfect night together.