Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quick re-cap of last 3 1/2 months..

Arrr, i know, i'm totally behind with my updates. "Bad lama" my sister would say. I promise i'll be better about it. Since the thought alone of me trying to recap any details of the last almost 4 months completely puts my brain into overload that i know will cause some brain damage...i'm just going to re-cap a couple of our higher points. Enjoy.

Mine & Jason's weekend of snowboarding.

Our cozy little cabin (compliments of katy & robbie...best sister and brother ever!)

where we got a little of this in...

and some of this...

and of course much of this.

celebrated David's 2nd birthday with his first chocolate cake.

drove up to Lake Tahoe...just the 3 Bergmanns...bliss week in beauty.

David's first snow. he loved it.

i cant stop starring at him.

neither can dad.

and best part of the last couple months...we went to the eye doctor and found out david is pretty much blind as a bat beyond 3 feet. so the picture below, he's seeing the world for the first time at 2 years old. jason and i cried and danced around praising God! since david has been wearing them, he's finally starting to crawl, pull himself up on things, something new everyday.