Monday, July 5, 2010

Acapulco baby!

What a great month! I spent a killer weekend in San Diego with my 3 sisters talking, laughing, eating, drinking wine in the jacuzzi, walking on the beach, and making awesome memories! Too bad my pictures all turned out blurry. Arrrr! Oh well. Also, Jason and I went to this same spot in Acapulco exactly 4 years ago. We have such amazing memories of it that we wanted to bring my family along! We spent a whole week in the pools, lazy river, under a palapa on the beach, and just hanging out with each other. It was bliss! We had 2 suits with 3 rooms each, 2 gianormous decks with little pools, and 2 indoor jacuzzis! We could have easily fit 10 more people! We definitely ate the amount of an extra 10 people. 5 pounds of extra lovin I say. Below is a video I put together of some of our pictures. Enjoy! I love my family!

David finally learns how to walk on this trip!

Just a little picture of David in therapy with his OT, Jeanie. He's madly in love with her! She's working on balance here as my nieces help with the singing.