Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Taking a break..

I love how faithful God is when i ask Him to surface everything in my heart that doesn't belong...even the little seeds that haven't yet started to grow, but i know are planted. I try to pray this once a year at least. Sometimes its a several month battle, sometimes a week, sometimes even a year. By now i've done it so many times that instead of fearing the things i "see" or "feel", i just wait, cause i know TRUTH is around the corner. I'm choosing Joy. So with that said, I've been spending lot's more time with my family and pretty much rid myself of any distraction for a couple months. Aside from family and about 10 special girl friends i trust in my life, i guess i've been a little bit of a hermit with the outside world lately. I gotta say, it's pretty refreshing. Here's a couple pictures of my beautiful family i've been hanging out with. Cheers to them!

sweet nephew Gabe turns 1!

i could eat him!

giving his mama a taste.

giving his aunt suzy a taste!

my little "big" nieces and nephews Abby, Ellie, Zach...

and Jake!

some cool girls i get to hang out and make trouble with

good girlfriends celebrating Teri's birthday! I'm the only one here not preggo or with a couple week old baby!

david reminded me of me here. when i use to get "talks" from my mom, i'd grab a napkin and see how many tiny pieces i could tear it into...just to make some time go by. :) i love you mom.

Before i grabbed the camera, i heard Jason screaming and clapping. David took 4 steps with him! I captured 3.