Sunday, November 7, 2010

life is a beach..

We moved! Good bye Costa Mesa, helloooooo Sunset Beach! Recently I was saying to Jason that I feel like every time God moves us, it's into a much more amazing place. Our last place was from Belmont Shore (1/2 block from ocean) to Costa Mesa (2 miles from ocean)...and though the neighborhood didn't get better, our apartment got 10 times better. I told him that I believed Belmont Shore was our "peak" location because it would be impossible to go bigger and get closer to the water but that I was grateful for that season. Spoke too soon I guess. He just dropped a little 2 bedroom house with nice size yard and 2 car garage just feet away from the sand into our laps. My God is so good!

Moving can tire this mama out but this weekend, me and a couple other mama friends had a beautiful cabin (thanks to Kelly) in Arrowhead that put this mama back on her feet. It's amazing what a little fresh air and time away can do! Here's a couple pics for you.

roll out of bed to coffee and jammies in the new back yard :)
our weekend cabin
and view!

Kelly's homemade YUMMY calzones

amazing conversation with some amazing girls. so blessed with my friends.
tired face is my weakness. love this girl.

morning coffee on deck

pretty much the most athletic chica you'll ever meet
trail hike