Sunday, April 3, 2011

I got a 3 year old preschool kid!

From starting his little life with the doctors saying to us that there was no hope, that he hasn't been breathing, that he was bleeding in the lungs and brain, and that his dad and I needed to say goodbye because he was completely brain dead anyway and they needed to pull the now starting PRESCHOOL, this has been a dream! My God is so faithful in His promises!

I was going to home school David for the first couple years until he caught up. But I was persuaded to start him out in a special needs program with the goal of getting him into regular kindergarten. Man oh man, am I glad we did! This week (after david being in preschool just under 3 months) I walked into his class a couple minutes early for them to show me what he was doing. As they brought out a letter, number, shape and color sheet, my boy pointed to each one as they asked him where it was! I couldn't believe it! Tears were streaming down my face. Mrs. Thompson told me that this was all stuff he learned at home (thanks to Baby Einstein and Youtube) and that they are just simply bringing it out of him. She said that what he knows is more advanced than what she's teaching and that she going to recommend him for the highest learning for his next year preschool class! She said that besides his vision and speech, she can't find any part of him that would be delayed or disabled, that he is acting like a real 3 year old. This mama is probably the most proud and happy mama in the world right now!!!

Here's a couple pictures of his first day at school..

This 3 year road we have walked with David and all the beginning complications have not been the easiest at every moment, but it has definitely been exciting, adventurous, and very humbling. There is a group of girlfriends that I get together with every week for coffee since the time David came home from the hospital. Their support to my family, prayers for David, and friendship to me has been overwhelmingly wonderful. Below is a picture (missing Kelly, Jenn and Heather) of us getting together at Jonne's house for a Frank Sinatra / Grace Kelly martini Christmas party. The picture below that is the husbands doing their thing. :) I'm so grateful for my girls in my life.

my hunk of a hottie husband!