Monday, July 20, 2009

july play!

So far July has not been too shabby! Except for the severely sore (long bike ride with friends) and sunburned butt i'm sitting on right now, this month pretty much rocks. My sister's 2 girls went to NY to visit their grammy so we spent a whole week with just us girls and both our little guys. What is it about being around your sister that makes everything 100 times funnier? I haven't laughed so hard at absolutely nothing is a long time! It was probably one of my most favorite weeks!

Here is where we went to see Willy Wonka outside at the Orange County Performing Art Center. Everyone brought blankets and food and wine. So fun! Then below that is David with his cousin Gabe.

Fussy Gabe.

David giving Gabe lovings.

Looking guilty! David's saying "me?!"

After David's first day at ICEC (Intervention Center for Early Childhood), he came home and ate his first real solid food, star puffs. I've been trying to feed these to him every day for about 2 months and he just gags and throws up. Because he was intubated at the hospital for so long, he has a high roof in his mouth causing extra sensitivity. But when his dad tries...david takes it like a pro. Below is when he first put it in his mouth. Jason's reaction was classic. Wish you could see his tears.

This is David's first art project. First art and first food all in one day!

We were having a dinner picnic with frisbee next door at the park with our friends and David and Skylar were just chilling being as cute as can be listening to some Bob Marley.

Sky is even sharing her finger with David. Luckily he didn't bite!

This was a 6 1/2 hour beach day. David was super good till the very last 1/2 hour. Such a beach kid.

Ashlyn and David.

This is David's first time in the pool. He loved it!

After a long day, David was having a hard time falling asleep. Finally Jason went upstairs but 1/2 hour later when I still hadn't seen him, I went up. This is how I found them. Perfect ending to a perfect day. I love these two.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

continued summer..

David & I went with some friends for his first trip to the petting zoo! He kept bouncing in my lap but I think that was the excitement of hearing all the little kids scream. Except for the heavy load I put on the back of his stroller making it tip over and giving me a minor stroke, the morning was perfect!

This poor girl was about 2 ft high and 2 ft wide. I'm thinking the father must be either a clydesdale or elephant.

Wallace's "not sure about this" smile for the camera.

Kelly had to keep an eye on Emma, she likes the tiny little bouncy balls.

Aren't the babies suppose to be the one's waving? I think we have more fun on these play-dates than our little ones.

After the petting zoo, since Jason was working a 16 hour day, David and I cruised down to San Diego for the night to spend some time with one of my closest friend's Kelly. She's on a business call here when David starts cracking up over nothing totally busting her professional tone. The night was a blast and almost perfect except for the moment of a screaming David falling off the bed and getting stuck between the mattress and night stand. But the best was the next morning, after our adjustments, as I'm telling our chiropractor about how horrible I feel with the tipping the stroller and the falling off the bed, I'm putting David in his car seat and totally hit his head on his toy causing him to cry. :o( Dr. Spicer reassured me that it's okay, he's had those days too. Even though I know it's a lie, it made me feel better.

Well, to make up for all the injuries, David, Jason & I spent about 6 hours at the beach. He was so happy which brought my guilt level down a smidge.

Later that night we had dinner on CDM bluffs with some friends. We all brought our own food and wine and watched all the little ones run around and play. It was so much fun!

Taylor is trying on Jason's shoes.

Cameron is probably trying to get a hold of David's ears again.
Ryder and Brayden.. best buds.