Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving season!

I LOVE this season! A 2 month season of family, yummy coffees, holiday movies, Christmas parties, good moods, music celebrating our King streaming across the world...I can't get enough!

This Thanksgiving there is so much to be grateful for but I think most of all, my heart is overwhelmed with love for my family. There is so much love and joy hanging out with them. I love that my dad has always worked extra hard for his family, has amazing wisdom and is sharp as a tack, looks at his grown up kids like they are still his little babies that he would do anything for and DOES anything for, hugs and kisses us every time he's around us in the same way I hug and kiss my little boy, laughs at the little things and shrugs off the serious things in life, truly loves our God, and truly loves his family with all of his beating heart. I love that my mom is always silly and always giggling, that she always has a smile on her face when I'm around her, that she loves everyone with truly and un-judgemental heart, that she seeks the heart of God like no woman I know, that she would attack like a roaring lion against anything or anyone that came against her kids, and that she's my funnest friend to hang around. Both of them have set such an amazing example to me and my husband of how a parent should be. What can I say, I'm a lucky girl.

Unfortunately Jason worked Thanksgiving day but had off Friday so I threw him a little Thanksgiving then. This was definitely my favorite weekend in our new home. Here's just a couple pictures of our weekend.

started our weekend with our morning walk on the beach before leaving for Grandma and Grandpa's without Jason.

midnight cooking and laughing with my mom and brother.

David helping Grandpa make his famous mash potatoes.

Thanksgiving pies and the new traditional amazing pistachio ice cream dessert from my brother in law Tim. I've been thinking of this every day.

homemade gourmet pizza party and one giant slumber party!

bonfire, wine, roasted marshmallows, and too many off-the-wall funny conversations I will never repeat. :)

the second night's bonfire started pouring but my parents, brother, jason and I weren't going to let it ruin our fun. Turned up the music, tripled the firewood, and made another unforgettable memory.

uncle Brian and David keeping warm by the inside fire. they're no dummies.

my sister and her sleeping angel.

when everybody left Sunday evening, I decorated the Christmas tree, Jason put the blowup mattress in the living room, put on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and we had our own camp out under the Christmas tree lights.

we woke up smiling. :) we're a blessed family.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

life is a beach..

We moved! Good bye Costa Mesa, helloooooo Sunset Beach! Recently I was saying to Jason that I feel like every time God moves us, it's into a much more amazing place. Our last place was from Belmont Shore (1/2 block from ocean) to Costa Mesa (2 miles from ocean)...and though the neighborhood didn't get better, our apartment got 10 times better. I told him that I believed Belmont Shore was our "peak" location because it would be impossible to go bigger and get closer to the water but that I was grateful for that season. Spoke too soon I guess. He just dropped a little 2 bedroom house with nice size yard and 2 car garage just feet away from the sand into our laps. My God is so good!

Moving can tire this mama out but this weekend, me and a couple other mama friends had a beautiful cabin (thanks to Kelly) in Arrowhead that put this mama back on her feet. It's amazing what a little fresh air and time away can do! Here's a couple pics for you.

roll out of bed to coffee and jammies in the new back yard :)
our weekend cabin
and view!

Kelly's homemade YUMMY calzones

amazing conversation with some amazing girls. so blessed with my friends.
tired face is my weakness. love this girl.

morning coffee on deck

pretty much the most athletic chica you'll ever meet
trail hike

Monday, July 5, 2010

Acapulco baby!

What a great month! I spent a killer weekend in San Diego with my 3 sisters talking, laughing, eating, drinking wine in the jacuzzi, walking on the beach, and making awesome memories! Too bad my pictures all turned out blurry. Arrrr! Oh well. Also, Jason and I went to this same spot in Acapulco exactly 4 years ago. We have such amazing memories of it that we wanted to bring my family along! We spent a whole week in the pools, lazy river, under a palapa on the beach, and just hanging out with each other. It was bliss! We had 2 suits with 3 rooms each, 2 gianormous decks with little pools, and 2 indoor jacuzzis! We could have easily fit 10 more people! We definitely ate the amount of an extra 10 people. 5 pounds of extra lovin I say. Below is a video I put together of some of our pictures. Enjoy! I love my family!

David finally learns how to walk on this trip!

Just a little picture of David in therapy with his OT, Jeanie. He's madly in love with her! She's working on balance here as my nieces help with the singing.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Taking a break..

I love how faithful God is when i ask Him to surface everything in my heart that doesn't belong...even the little seeds that haven't yet started to grow, but i know are planted. I try to pray this once a year at least. Sometimes its a several month battle, sometimes a week, sometimes even a year. By now i've done it so many times that instead of fearing the things i "see" or "feel", i just wait, cause i know TRUTH is around the corner. I'm choosing Joy. So with that said, I've been spending lot's more time with my family and pretty much rid myself of any distraction for a couple months. Aside from family and about 10 special girl friends i trust in my life, i guess i've been a little bit of a hermit with the outside world lately. I gotta say, it's pretty refreshing. Here's a couple pictures of my beautiful family i've been hanging out with. Cheers to them!

sweet nephew Gabe turns 1!

i could eat him!

giving his mama a taste.

giving his aunt suzy a taste!

my little "big" nieces and nephews Abby, Ellie, Zach...

and Jake!

some cool girls i get to hang out and make trouble with

good girlfriends celebrating Teri's birthday! I'm the only one here not preggo or with a couple week old baby!

david reminded me of me here. when i use to get "talks" from my mom, i'd grab a napkin and see how many tiny pieces i could tear it into...just to make some time go by. :) i love you mom.

Before i grabbed the camera, i heard Jason screaming and clapping. David took 4 steps with him! I captured 3.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quick re-cap of last 3 1/2 months..

Arrr, i know, i'm totally behind with my updates. "Bad lama" my sister would say. I promise i'll be better about it. Since the thought alone of me trying to recap any details of the last almost 4 months completely puts my brain into overload that i know will cause some brain damage...i'm just going to re-cap a couple of our higher points. Enjoy.

Mine & Jason's weekend of snowboarding.

Our cozy little cabin (compliments of katy & sister and brother ever!)

where we got a little of this in...

and some of this...

and of course much of this.

celebrated David's 2nd birthday with his first chocolate cake.

drove up to Lake Tahoe...just the 3 Bergmanns...bliss week in beauty.

David's first snow. he loved it.

i cant stop starring at him.

neither can dad.

and best part of the last couple months...we went to the eye doctor and found out david is pretty much blind as a bat beyond 3 feet. so the picture below, he's seeing the world for the first time at 2 years old. jason and i cried and danced around praising God! since david has been wearing them, he's finally starting to crawl, pull himself up on things, something new everyday.