Monday, October 5, 2009

cruise to Cabo!

Being that I have 9 appointments a week that I take David to, along with many other little things that come with being a mama to David, I had a little melt down. Apparently I can tire out. So my hunk of an amazing husband decided to surprise me with a 5 day cruise to Cabo for my 31st birthday! Perfect time. Though I cried like a baby over leaving my little guy behind, we got our much needed, awesome time together and I got my reboot so I could come back to being a good mama.

Cabo was amazing! We stopped at 4 different restaurants for beer, chips and salsa (so full) and we kayaked over to the famous arch and hung out at Lovers Beach exploring the caves and rocks and swimming in the warm, clear blue water. It was just a perfect day. The "out at sea" days were great too...sitting in the sun with cocktails and Jason eating more softserve than I've ever seen someone consume. One early morning, it was super foggy that the fog horn was going off every 1 minute. You couldn't be outside in the center of the ship or you'd either go deaf or die of heart attack everytime the stupid thing went off. So of course, Jason and I run to get our cup of coffee and prop some chairs inside the glass waiting for unknowing bystanders to walk outside from down stairs into the zone. One guy was lighting a cigarette right when the horn blew and the cig went flying out of his hand as he stumbled forward almost falling. Another couple was walking snuggly together when the horn blew and this lady literally did the running man straight up in the air. Jason fell to the floor laughing at that one. Another little boy did a fast spin and jumped up and down clawing his dad till his dad had to run them back inside. We had the best time!

On a quick note / praise report....David is finally eating! For those of you who dont know, because he had a tube down his throat for so long, the roof of his mouth is super high causing him to have a pretty hard gag reflex and making it hard to suck and eat properly. So the only way I've been able to feed him is force feeding him with a syringe every meal. He goes to ocupational therapy twice a week for that and even she cant get him to take food from a spoon. Wellllll, leaving him with his Aunt Katy for almost a week, he's not only eating from a spoon perfectly now, but he also had chicken, peas, carrots, apples, and peaches! He's also taking about 4 bottles of juice now to where before he'd only take about 5 ounces of liquid a day. Thank you GOD and Aunt Katy! That's 2 things I can now lay down and worry about no longer. Ahhhhhh.

Enjoy some pictures below, though most of them are just the one arm stretch getting our cheesy smiles.

**Thank you so much Katy, Mom & Dad! You're the BEST!!! xoxoxo**