Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving season!

I LOVE this season! A 2 month season of family, yummy coffees, holiday movies, Christmas parties, good moods, music celebrating our King streaming across the world...I can't get enough!

This Thanksgiving there is so much to be grateful for but I think most of all, my heart is overwhelmed with love for my family. There is so much love and joy hanging out with them. I love that my dad has always worked extra hard for his family, has amazing wisdom and is sharp as a tack, looks at his grown up kids like they are still his little babies that he would do anything for and DOES anything for, hugs and kisses us every time he's around us in the same way I hug and kiss my little boy, laughs at the little things and shrugs off the serious things in life, truly loves our God, and truly loves his family with all of his beating heart. I love that my mom is always silly and always giggling, that she always has a smile on her face when I'm around her, that she loves everyone with truly and un-judgemental heart, that she seeks the heart of God like no woman I know, that she would attack like a roaring lion against anything or anyone that came against her kids, and that she's my funnest friend to hang around. Both of them have set such an amazing example to me and my husband of how a parent should be. What can I say, I'm a lucky girl.

Unfortunately Jason worked Thanksgiving day but had off Friday so I threw him a little Thanksgiving then. This was definitely my favorite weekend in our new home. Here's just a couple pictures of our weekend.

started our weekend with our morning walk on the beach before leaving for Grandma and Grandpa's without Jason.

midnight cooking and laughing with my mom and brother.

David helping Grandpa make his famous mash potatoes.

Thanksgiving pies and the new traditional amazing pistachio ice cream dessert from my brother in law Tim. I've been thinking of this every day.

homemade gourmet pizza party and one giant slumber party!

bonfire, wine, roasted marshmallows, and too many off-the-wall funny conversations I will never repeat. :)

the second night's bonfire started pouring but my parents, brother, jason and I weren't going to let it ruin our fun. Turned up the music, tripled the firewood, and made another unforgettable memory.

uncle Brian and David keeping warm by the inside fire. they're no dummies.

my sister and her sleeping angel.

when everybody left Sunday evening, I decorated the Christmas tree, Jason put the blowup mattress in the living room, put on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and we had our own camp out under the Christmas tree lights.

we woke up smiling. :) we're a blessed family.