Sunday, November 8, 2009

welcome fall!

My season is here! The holiday coffee, amazing food, cuddly jammies, fire place lit, and Laker season has begun. Though every year I miss the snow back home (Chicago), you still cant beat this Southern California weather. It's the middle of November and we're STILL riding bikes to the beach. I'd have it no other way. Here are a couple of pictures of this previous month's festivities.

family having pizza and wine on Corona Del Mar Bluffs.

David's first pumpkin patch. He's loven it.

Sarah had us girls and our youngens over for the most amazing breakfast and coffee. We dressed the babies up in their halloween costumes and had a baby parade down to the park we're we blew bubbles and just hung out. I love my girl's never boring with them!

my monkey.

sarah and her little pirate. arrrrr!

sweet bumble bee skylar. she's getting so big!

Every once in a while we meet either at the bluffs or park for picnic with the husbands and kiddies. This was our pumpkin carving night where our good friends Nick & Teri surprised us with a little news. :o)

And here are just a couple pics of halloween weekend.

sweet ashlyn....or is she?!

like papa like son!


And last but not least, right about after this was taken, we had to move the bouncy from in the doorway to the middle of the living room because he was smacking his head again the door jams. Crazy kid!