Wednesday, June 1, 2011

After countless hours of squeezing what seemed like hundreds of lemons, I was ready to wake up Monday morning to start my yearly 2 week detox. For some reason it occurred to me to first take a pregnancy text JUST IN CASE...I wouldn't want to harm my baby with the small chance that I was in fact preggo. With my lemon drink waiting on the counter in the kitchen for me waiting to drink it, I first go to the bathroom and wait for that little "minus" sign to put me at ease with the detox. Except the minus was not a minus, it was a plus...a big, fat, pink plus! I shook my head in a jerk to make sure my eyes were working and saw that it was still a plus. I wake up David, run to the store and buy 2 more tests. Yup, it's a double line and a plus! I was in shock! Waiting till the next day to tell Jason (who worked late that night), I first dropped David off at school, took Jason to Taco Surf to fill my nervous belly, then took him for a walk on the beach to write it out in the sand. Jason's eyes doubled in size and filled up with tears as he ran over to me to hug me and repeatedly ask me "really? really? for real? really?". Two short weeks later we go see my doctor who only confirmed it with a picture of our little bean. Jason and I confessed afterwards that we secretly thought it was too good to be true being that several months ago the doctors diagnosed me with endometriosis and said I might not be able to conceive. I guess God's plan is different! So thankful!!!

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