Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Camping in Malibu

What is it about being outdoors, away from the crowds and concrete jungle, that makes everything in the world okay? This weekend we packed our tent, sleeping bags, cooler and kiddo and head up to Malibu to camp it up down and dirty with some good friends. Between the hiking adventures, mouth-watering camp food and s'mores, constant deer families walking by, fires and conversations, we forgot about everything going on at the bottom of the mountains and seriously enjoyed our families. Our little ones, camouflaged in dirt and sweat, played it up till passing out in the tents. Then it came, glorious adult time, sitting under the stars by the camp fire with a drink in hand and stories to laugh at. I'm grateful for this time before my little family of 3 becomes 4. I'm grateful for the quietness in the mountains, for my last special moments of it just being us and David, and for the friends i get to share life with. God's been pretty good to me.

Camping sign made by the amazing Sarah Petar

Our group, Petars, Kennedy's & Rassmussens

boys at the water hole

my crazy husband

feeling baby move

and little scarlette, stealing my heart and boosting my exciting for my little girl!

morning camp coffee in the cold mountains with this man, awesome

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